Global Engineering Week

March 11-17, 2019

Global Engineer noun.

A global engineer is an individual who possesses both the technical knowledge to solve problems in various international contexts and the ability to incorporate the unique socioeconomic, cultural, and political considerations of the affected communities to develop truly sustainable solutions.

What is GE Week?

Global Engineering Week, held in mid-March, is a week long initiative partnered with universities, NGOs, and industry leaders that exposes engineering students to multidisciplinary thinking through a hackathon, speaker series, events, and case studies in courses. It emphasizes the importance of addressing socio-economic, political, cultural, and technical considerations when solving global problems to develop sustainable and innovative solutions.

Our Goal

To provide an immersive and interactive learning experience for students across Canada. We want to create the next generation of global engineering thinkers to solve the world’s toughest problems.

Our Growth

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"AI & Big Data: The Future of Global Development" Speaker Panel

Sponsored by the Boston Consulting Group, this panel will bring together thought leaders from business, tech, academia and the non-profit sector to discuss how cutting edge technology can be used to address global development challenges. The discussion will also highlight how private sector, public sector, and government institutions can work together to implement the most innovative and sustainable solutions. Learn more here.

Hack the Globe

Hack the Globe, the first hackathon of its kind in Canada, is a social impact hackathon partnered with BCG,, and the LEAP-Pecaut Center. It will provide university students across Canada an opportunity to apply their technical skills, business acumen, and innovative thinking to develop solutions to some of Canada’s largest social impact challenges. Learn more here.

Course Partnerships

We have partnered with faculty across Canada to introduce real-life global poverty case studies, examples, and readings into the engineering curriculum during GE Week, ranging from electrical communications systems to entrepreneurship to engineering design. In 2019 we will partner with over 50 courses and impact over 7,000 students in the classroom alone.

University Speaker Series

U of T

AI in Global Development


Sustainable Global Dev.


The UN: Sustainability

Every year partner organizations participating in GE Week organize speaker series and keynotes to expose students to the forefront of thinking around global development and the role of engineering.

Interested in Joining the Team?

Global Engineering Week is growing rapidly - in the 3 years since our inception we’ve grown our impact to 10,000 students across Canada and hope to continue this trend in the future to more universities, students, and organizations. We’re currently looking for highly motivated, passionate students from all backgrounds and programs to lead our Growth and Business Development, Hackathon (Hack the Globe), Speaker Panel, Course Partnerships, and Marketing and Digital teams in the 2019-2020 year.

If you’d like to apply to one of our positions, please do so here. We are accepting applications until the end of March 2019.

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